Neal Walters

I created this site to discuss my experiences with various products and tools that help your to create a large number of niche web sites.

The generally theory with these tools, is that if you can make $10 a month with one site, then all you need is 100 sites just like to make $1000/month.

I read a profound post in a forum last week.  A user of such a product said that he or she had made 60 sites, and only had a $55 profit in month 2 out of 3 months.  They were ready to give up.  The answer that I found wise was:  Just 60 sites?  You only start to get a feel for how the system works when you have built 100 to 120.

So anyone needing to build 100 sites needs 100 domains, at a little under $8/year (thus an $800/year investment just for the domains).


Neal's Computer Library

I’m including a photo my computer library at the right, to show you that I know a thing or two about software. I was full time Microsoft Certified Trainer for four years, and now I do enterprise level consulting.  Everyone else shows their paychecks as proof, I’ll show you the books that I’ve read.

I’ll be creating blogs on this site about some of the the tools I’ve used for my various e-commerce and niche websites. I’m not a cynic, but have not yet made it to the levels promised in almost every product I buy.  So I will be talking about all the promises made and whether various products hold up to their promises. I got “lucky” from about 2000-2001 selling Pimsleur language courses online, upto $50,000/month, but it was a lot of products to ship. But over time, pay-per-clicks rates went up, and new competitors were constantly coming online, driving sales prices down, until it wasn’t worth it to keep selling that line of products.

This site is hooked-up with a tool that let’s you logon and comment with your GMail, Facebook, or favorite OpenId.  I hope we can have discussions on many profitable topics.





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