Neal Walters

Neal Walters has 30 years experience as an enterprise software consultant.  His clients have included First Republic Bank (San Francisco), Thornburg Mortgage (Santa Fe), Texas Farm Bureau (Waco), State of New Mexico, and Compassion International.  He had 20 years of experience with “mainframes”, and in 2000, retooled himself as a Microsoft Certified Consultant (MCT).  Training client included Intel, Nortel, IBM, Lands End, Countrywide Mortgage, and Microsoft.  By 2004 he had moved back into consulting in the enterprise BizTalk space.

He ordered his first domain live no later than October, 1999 (maybe sooner, the records are unclear).  This was to market a Hebrew alphabet tutorial that he created (website: Learn Hebrew).  Later, he added video tutorials for BizTalk, SharePoint and VBScript.  In the 2001-2003 time period, he had great success selling Pimsleur foreign language products (often $40,000- $50,000 gross sales per month).  Unfortunately, that market got saturated with competition, so he moved on to other opportunities.


Neal's Computer Library

I’m including a photo my computer library at the right, to show you that I know a thing or two about software. Everyone else shows their paychecks as proof, I’ll show you the books that I’ve read.

I’ve got quadruple this number of books in other rooms of the house.  I’m currently 1/2 way through a Masters of Arts in Jewish Studies (MAJS) from Boston Hebrew College’s remote study program.

I also contributed a chapter to a success book that is coming out in November.  We expect it do quite well.